Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pancakes, Pita and Farmer's Markets

LAWKI Day 11
August 30, 2010

Breakfast Pankcakes
Lunch Michael-Leftover Pasta and stuff, Shannon-Leftover soup and bread, Kids-school
Dinner Tator Tot casserole, tomatoes, cucumber, cantaloupe, canned green beans

Ben asked for pancakes for breakfast. Even though I have made pancakes from scratch for many years, it still surprised me that it only took about 15 minutes from start to 1st pancake. Usually in my mind, making pancakes is such a big production that I talk myself out of it. This was a pleasant reminder that it is not that hard to do.

I had to take a friend to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. On the way home, I stopped by Michael’s work to say hi. I found myself looking at things on sale and then having to stop thinking about that. Smith’s is having their case lot sale starting next week. It will be interesting to see what we may buy.

LAWKI Day 12
August 31, 2010

Breakfast Kids-cereal, toast, fruit, Michael and Shannon-scramble eggs and toast
Lunch Kids-school, Michael-leftover tator tot and stuff, Shannon-leftover pasta
Dinner Kids-sandwiches, Ramen, Shannon-Relief Society Salad Dinner, Michael-leftover lunch, sandwich when he got home

I made pita bread and Tabouli today. It was my first time making pita and it was fun and easy, if not entirely successful. Only one puffed right and formed a pocket. It was one of the first cooked and I am guessing the oven did not stay hot enough as I switched in and out the bread, to bake the others right. They all tasted good, but were more like odd shaped gorditas than pitas. The family ate them plain, with butter, and as a sandwich. I was heartened to hear Ben ask where the pita dip was, looking for the hummus. I only wish I had tahini to make some. I think I need a jar of that in the food storage.

The Tabouli was really good. It was one of the few salads I could make with what I have around. The mint and parsley in my herb garden are taking over so I had plenty of that. I also had some bulgar wheat from making this in the past, and the other ingredients are things I just have on hand. It was hard not to eat it as it was in the fridge all afternoon. Both the pitas and the tabouli were all eaten at the Salad Social. I will have to make more this week. I must admit I enjoyed the variety of salads at the dinner, most of which I will not have for another 3 weeks.

There was a discussion at the Salad Social about Bountiful Baskets, a fresh produce co-op that is gaining popularity here in the greater Salt Lake Area. We debated whether that or a farmer’s market would be in the spirit of LAWKI month. I think it would be acceptable, as it is the most basic of shopping and trading, and a farmer's market might be around when a chain grocery store could no longer be restocked. However, for the purposes of this month, we will not. It is more to test our resources and resourcefulness than whether or not we can be creative or local shoppers. I will still trade with neighbors so maybe I am being a hypocrite. In the end, if there was an influenza epidemic that closed stores and public gatherings, those things would go away, while my neighbors would still be there, and hopefully still trading so we both can survive. Maretta and I have already agreed to break quarantine with each other from the beginning for just that purpose.


Jeremy said...

My parents and I do Bountiful Baskets, it's fantastic not only for the fresh produce, but for the variety. It's very cheap and we end up with things we would never have in a garden like grapes and mangos.

It also forces us to eat more fresh fruit and veggies and try new dishes to use the produce we wouldn't normally buy.

Jennifer said...

It's great to follow your experience and see what you learn. The last days will be the most interesting. I hope you'll do a recap of everything you've learned. I'd love your recipes for pita and tortillas. We use those often and it would be good to learn how to make them.