Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family Survey, Round 2

LAWKI Day 13
September 1, 2010

Family LAWKI Survey Round 2:

What 3 words describe your feelings about LAWKI:
slow, daunting, doable; annoying, lame, busy; easy, smart, surprising; bad, annoying, horrible, hungry, never full; long, tedious, smart

What food do you miss the most:
Milk, beef, fast food, cheese!!!, shopping, nothing really, nothing, steak, dairy, eating out

What lessons are we learning?
Stretching out food, cautions about food waste; nothing; how lucky we are; that we hate this; how to base and eat a healthy meal; what places food takes in my life.

How crazy are your parents to do this? 8.3
(to be fair, 2 of the kids wrote things like “in a good way” and “smart” instead of crazy)

How angry are you to participate? 3.2 (again, one 10)

How much is this affecting life? 5.6

Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins
Lunch: M & S leftovers & salad, Kids school
Dinner: BLT Sandwiches, fried potatoes

We had a neighbor offer to drop fast food anonymously on our front porch yesterday. Another friend we are visiting on Friday for dinner said that the “train wreck” was nowhere near her house so to let her know what we want for dinner and from the store to trade. Both made me laugh. And while I did not turn down the ride to the church last night when I had started walking too late to make it to the Court of Honor on time (would have made it---its not like it started on time), and I did not turn down the offer of left over salad from Maretta (it was one of those yummy girl-food salads that the rest of her family would not eat), we are still trying to be good and play by the rules we created. I hope my whining about craving beef and complaining about cooking from scratch every day does not make people think we really are suffering. We are just lazy, spoiled rotten people who are trying to live slightly less lazy, spoiled lives.

For a month.

Only for a month.


Nana J said...

I think you should write an article for the Ensign when you are done with LAWKI. It would be great.

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I think Nana J's got a great idea.
And, I am laughing so hard..."What lessons are we learning?" "that we hate this." :) I can just hear my oldest saying that same thing.

Jeremy said...

is it always the same person that votes it a 10?

Slrpycow said...

It has been the same person voting a "10" each time. This person tends to not like change, imposition on personal time or space, or anything vaguely uncomfortable. This person is also a BIG milk drinker and that is probably the driving force here.