Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas

As I am slow this year with Christmas Cards, and they just might not get to you before Christmas, I thought I might post my card here, just in case.

Wright Family Life Lessons of 2010
Can you guess the pupil?

Severe sleep apnea bad, CPAP good
Writing petitions and gathering 450 signatures is exciting
Facebook is Satan*s plan to waste our free time
On occasion, teachers don*t like it when you read a lot
Good things come after a week at camp, like a new kitten, Miso, and a new fridge
When playing tag around a stream bed, the stepping stone is not always where you remember
School is friends, tiring, annoying, *perfect*, busy
Locked keys in car on your first date is cause for a lifetime of teasing
M.L. Foreman, Michael Scott, Connie Willis, and Brandon Mull are great authors
Doing a marathon is easy*on a bike
The Mentalist, Star Trek, White Collar, Adventure Time, Pretender, Avengers, Dr. Who, Castle, Burn Notice, Eureka and No Ordinary Family are fun TV shows
Horton can hear a Who, and sing and dance in Seussical*and gamble in Guys and Dolls
Older, independent Sushi cats do not appreciate new kittens
Many hours installing new perennial garden leads to a Master Gardener Course
Once again, minor disaster in basement brings home improvements
Letting go of the rope too soon when repelling is stupid
Missing a scout campout is a relief
Some Sunday School classes will never be talked about in General Conference
Blogging about bizarre family food storage experiments brings interesting results (and a year*s supply of food lasts at least one month!)
Ramen noodles and Cologne are both emergency necessities
Getting the sportsmanship award in church volleyball is cooler than it sounds
Dad*s Costco Card + impersonation skills = food court hot dogs

Friends, Family and Faith are the center of our lives.

Merry Christmas!

Michael Shannon James John Katie Ben


Denise said...

WE received it, and I enjoyed rereading it here. Merry Christmas!

-A said...

You're further along than me. We got yours with several days to spare. I've yet to print ours . . .

Maybe we'll send out an update around Valentine's Day instead.

-A said...

P.S. I really love the bonus picture here. It reminds me of something, though I can't quite put my finger on what.