Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School and a few Answers

LAWKI Day 7 & 8

Day 7
August 26, 2010

The first day of school! After the last week, I was very happy for this day to come. Everyone had reached the emotional breaking point of summer. We still wanted to be lazy and have no school, but we could no longer stand being home with no purpose and no schedule.

I imagine that in a long lasting emergency, this sort of chaotic nothingness could also get old. During the busy days of school and all of the kid’s activities, my neighbor Maretta and I often dream about a 3-month quarantine. However, after spending the last 6 weeks reading a couple of books about the 1918 Influenza pandemic, I am pretty sure I don’t want that kind of situation, even if it gave us months of “vacation” with the family. When it comes to actual real emergencies that might cause us to live off of our food storage, Michael and I debate what will come first, the big earthquake or the pandemic flu. Either way, I find it interesting that the Church guidelines for food storage are now a year of life sustaining food (the grains, beans, etc) and 3 months of the food you regularly eat.

Day 7 Menu
Breakfast Bacon, 2 Eggs and Toast---1st day of school splurge
Lunch School lunch for the kids, packed lunch for Michael, Café Rio for Shannon
Dinner Leftovers, 1st day of school cookies, fruit and bread

The Café Rio was a birthday lunch from my good friend Shelly. We set the plans about a month ago, before we even were sure we would do this. I asked everyone’s opinion about it and they all voted it was acceptable.

Day 8
August 27, 2010

A couple of answers…

Slrpycow is a nickname from High School. I used to tease my sister Megan that with her initials of MAAR, she should make sure to marry a Smith so she could be Mars for the rest of her life. One day she came back with telling me that I should marry someone with a P last name so I could be SLRP. My friend overheard that conversations, laughed herself silly, and then called me Slrpycow for the rest of the year, in reference to Megan’s comeback and my liking cow collectibles. I have used that as an online user name/log in/etc since the Internet came of age.

James, in buying cologne with his “crazy shopping day” money, is not quite as vain as you think. Okay, he is that vain, but he is also mature. I was very shocked that he did not choose to buy steak or beef jerky or some other meat thing that he could hoard. When I asked him about it, he said he would rather go cold turkey than try to drag things out. He has been very supportive of this whole venture, so we let him buy the cologne.

We did get the cell phone and the book at Costco. James drove and then bought himself a “black market” hot dog. I must admit it was very hard to be in Costco and not want to go shopping. Everything looked and smelled really good. I am glad it was this week and not 2 weeks from now.

Breakfast Cereal and bread
Lunch School for kids, sandwiches for Michael, sandwiches or leftovers for Shannon
Dinner Soup (I think)

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Michael said...

All I can say is if going to Costco is a drag (which I can only imagine) try working in a grocery store :>